Action! 1.30

Action! is currently the most popular gameplay and screen recording software available on the market. It's amazing recording performance has been noticed by many popular YouTube content creators and gamers. Action allows to record superb high quality video content from games and windows desktop. It also allows to stream gameplays to popular websites like or YouTube. With Remote Action feature you can remotely access your PC and play PC games with Android devices.
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choose myself where it is installed

same: in what submap on startmenu, add to start, etc
Arjan, 20.03.2016, 00:02
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Install Action in a location of my choosing.

I normally install applications on a different drive. When installing the "Giveaway of the Day" version of Action! the installer did not ask me where I wanted it installed. It automatically installed itself on my C drive, which has limited space...
John, 19.03.2016, 19:00
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1. Give more options to save as such as mp3. 2. An indicator such as an audio bar that something is happening when recording. This helps to know that you are not just recording empty space. 3. The ability to adjust the recording audio level.
gerrymar, 19.03.2016, 18:19
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have the ability to change installation path

have the ability to change installation path
zachary, 19.03.2016, 12:42